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HeartMath™ Building Personal Resilience™

1-hour session

Series of four
1-hour sessions

Stressed out? Feeling overwhelmed or drained? Learn how to boost resilience, composure and clarity.

The HeartMath Building Personal Resilience™ program is a focused and practical program, combining personalized coaching or mentoring with scientifically validated tools to help you self-regulate your body’s response to stress and build resilience. You will learn life-long skills you can use any time to increase well-being, personal and professional performance and quality of life experience.

In a series of one-on-one sessions, you will learn:

  • methods to expand your awareness and identify primary sources of stress that are draining your energy

  • self-regulation techniques that shift you from feeling depleted to feeling renewed

  • how to develop a plan to integrate these skills in your daily routines

What you will gain:

  • More resilience and vitality

  • Overall sense of well-being

  • Mental clarity and focus

  • Improved relationships

  • Increased composure in challenging situations

  • More effective communications

HeartMath™ is based on over 26 years of research on the connection between the heart and brain. HeartMath™ researchers have discovered that the heart plays a significant role in governing how we feel and think. With this information, they have created scientifically based tools and technologies that help people to self-regulate their emotions and behaviours to reduce stress, increase their resilience, and unlock their natural intuitive guidance for making more effective choices. This enables people to break through to greater levels of personal balance, creativity, insight and health.

If you’re ready to make the shift from feeling depleted to feeling renewed so that you can take charge of your life and become the best version of yourself, contact us today!